Local Insight Wirral is one component of the range of information and intelligence offered by Wirral Intelligence Service, part of Wirral Council.

The main Wirral Intelligence Service website was established in 2017 to bring together in one place high quality research, information, and intelligence about Wirral; the place and the people that live here. Information is available on a wide range of themes including population and people, health, the economy, poverty and inequalities and crime and community safety. The information also provides local, regional and national context.

A key set of intelligence on the website is a collection of needs analysis focused on the current and future health and wellbeing of the Wirral population; this information is known as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA). It is used to help determine what actions local authorities, the NHS and other partners need to take to meet health and social care needs and to address the wider determinants that impact on health and wellbeing.

Working through active dialogue with a range of partners, groups and communities the service provides support in the form of information and intelligence to organisations in Wirral. The site draws content and data from different sources in new and existing ways to improve our wider understanding of our place and people. The focus is to provide analysis that can be used to ‘make a difference’ and improve outcomes for Wirral residents.

Wirral Intelligence Service website content you might be interested in looking at includes:

To give feedback on either Local Insight or the Wirral Intelligence Service website, or for any enquiries, get in touch with us by e-mailing: wirralintelligenceservice@wirral.gov.uk